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Yulia Grace

Praying for a miracle


About Yulia Grace Hicks

The Hicks family adopted Yulia from the Ukraine in January of 2021 knowing that she had a genetic kidney condition that would eventually require surgery. She fit in right away with Lee and Chrissy's other 10 children, 2 of which are also adopted. She is outgoing and always positive despite the hardships in her life to include the last 15 months of daily dialysis.

14 year old Yulia's favorite food is pasta but looks forward to the day she can eat ice cream. Because of her condition she cannot eat any dairy products. She loves to play with her younger siblings who call her YuYu.

Yulia is O positive and her adoptive family members are not a match. As a member of a faithful Catholic family, the Hicks' pray the Rosary together every night and their primary intention is for a donor to come into their lives. 

UPDATE: Duke University Hospital has refused to do the surgery because Yulia is unvaccinated; so in addition to praying for a donor, the family is also looking for doctors and facilities who will save her life.

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